Why companies should be looking for a feedback?

So, I was talking to one of my client recently and during that discussion a question was raised that, “What is the need for me to take feedback for my company?”

Well, I get this a lot when I send business proposals to potential clients. These are all giants or say kings of their industry but they miss out the most important part of the business, their customers. And then these same people end up complaining about business not being the same in recent years.

It’s a world known fact that business equilibrium is moving from product centric to customer centric structure. Customer’s voice is the most important thing to listen to today, but what about the people who support these customers? Yes, ignored again. So, here is a small post about why companies should be looking to create a culture of taking/giving feedback. Hope you all will enjoy reading it!

Employee Comprehension

In today’s business world, companies want to know how familiar their staff members are with the business, its products, services and customer service policies to make sure its employees remain an asset to them and are aware of its operations. A brief survey or evaluation may tell how knowledgeable a staffer is about certain/specific products and how much effort is made to find information for the end user/customer if the answer is not readily available.

Attitude of Employees

Higher management or business owners do not always see the uninterested employee leaning against the counter ignoring prospective customers, or the staffer who is busy talking on phone and ignores a client when she is asked for assistance. Companies may not know that a receptionist’s behaviour is dismissive, or a sales representative is too pushy and obnoxious. Feedback can provide insight on staffers who are a problem along with the ones who are exceptional in their work, this feedback mechanism can be converted into reward program and appraisals can be decided based on them. Companies can recognize work of an employee across organization which would create positive vibes in the overall work culture.

Customer Satisfaction

Businesses are becoming more and more customer centered nowadays, understanding how satisfied a customer is with their experience with companies performance/product is an essential part of companies operation. Business can capitalize on what they are doing right if a customer is happy, and also can take steps to correct problems if a customer shows dissatisfaction. When a business wants to create a brand name and good reputation through word of mouth or referrals, knowing what customer likes or dislikes about the company and its operation becomes helpful in getting recurring business.

Improvement Areas

At times companies want their customer to be “wowed” by their services and products, customers are satisfied, but not amazed enough to refer your company to others. Customer service evaluation gives an opportunity for customers to suggest areas for improvement and provides an idea as to what kind of things would make the business even better. For example, a customer might like taste of food at certain restaurant but is not happy with the restrooms so he/she decides not to return to the restaurant again, well, knowing this information can help a business brainstorm and strategize ways to improve its service levels.

Perceptions on Products and Services

Surveys for new/existing products/services for specific evaluation will help a business to expand its offerings as well as scale back on not so essential areas. For example, if retailer asks for feedback on color and material according to seasons, they can get an idea of what type of things customers are or would be most interested in, with this data in hand retailer can buy merchandise as per need and demand. This insight can also be used when deciding whether to launch new product lines or wait for the right time.